About Battlefield Journey

Battlefield Journey is a small firm offering a number of guided cycling and walking tours of the battlefields of Western Europe and beyond.

Battlefield Journey tours are led by Andrew Date and Malcolm Donald. Both Andrew and Malcolm have a wealth of experience, working with people of all ages and from all backgrounds. They both take great pride in working closely with you to provide just the sort of journey that meets your needs – whether you are travelling as an individual or as part of a group.

About Andrew Date

Andrew Date

Andrew has travelled extensively throughout Europe with a wide variety of groups and organizations and has a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the conflicts that shaped the 20th Century.

Andrew taught history for many years in the secondary school sector and his passion for the subject is evident. He was drawn to the Normandy Landing Beaches in the first instance through the experiences of his father. As a 17 year old signaller on a landing craft he had brought commandos ashore in the first wave of landings at Sword Beach on June 6th 1944.

My father was reluctant to speak of what he witnessed, but I knew from an early age that his experiences and those of thousands of others like him should never be forgotten.

Andrew is also a qualified Holocaust Educator.

About Malcolm Donald

Malcolm Donald

Malcolm Donald is a Chartered Surveyor working in numerous countries.

Malcolm's interest in WW1 was brought by his Grandfather's pay-book given to him at an early age. The pay-book lists campaigns and numerous misdemeanours and even an incorrect entry stating 'Killed in Action'!

At an early age, Malcolm travelled to many parts of the world with his father who was a regular soldier who had seen active service at Dunkirk, in North Africa and Normandy and later in Korea.

Malcolm enjoys cycling and walking and supports Andrew in Battlefield Journey. He has a particular interest in the human side of conflict.

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