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Brexit: Travelling into Europe after 1st January 2021

We have put together the latest advice and guidance on Brexit in an attempt to address some of the most common questions that we have been asked by our customers. Please feel free to contact is if you need further clarification on any of these points. If we don’t know the answer, we will try to find someone who does!

Brexit: Travelling into Europe after 1st January 2021

Your tours are all bespoke. What does that mean for me?

We are happy to arrange as much or as little of your tour as you wish. We can book accommodation, transport and arrange bike hire for you. Alternatively you are welcome to arrange these aspects of your visit yourself. Just let us know your wishes.

Whatever you decide, we will be with you throughout your stay to guide you around the key sites and to explain their significance.

Is it possible to book a tour for just two people?

Absolutely. We arrange trips for couples who want to travel alone as well as tours for much larger groups. Just let us know your wishes and we will work with you to put together an itinerary that meets your requirements.

Where do tours depart from?

Cycling tours
If you wish us to arrange transport, we can. For example, we would recommend tours to Ypres, the Somme and the Western Front start from St Pancras International travelling by Eurostar to Lille or to Calais Frethun.

Bike hire is included in the cost of all our holidays. However, should you use wish to bring your own bike you are at liberty to do so provided you make all arrangements for carriage of the bike to and from the continent.

Walking Tours
If you want us to arrange transport, tours to Ypres and the Somme start and finish at Dover ferry terminal. You will travel by minibus/car to your final destination. Tours to Normandy start and finish at Portsmouth Ferry Terminal. Again you will meet our minibus/car here and travel to France via Brittany Ferries.

Are the tours advertised on your website the only tours you do?

No. Because all our tours are bespoke we can put together an itinerary to fit in with your requirements. It could be a weekend visit or something much longer. Whatever you are after, please give us a call on 01525 851 277 to discuss and we will do our best to put a package together to suit you.

What is required to participate on a cycling tour?

In order to participate in our tours you need to be able to answer the following positively:

  • Can I ride a bike with confidence?
  • Can I ride competently?
  • For cycling, the cost of bike hire is included in our prices. Bikes are suitable for all riders. A local back up is also available in case of difficulties.
  • On all of our cycling trips the one piece of kit we insist upon is a cycling helmet which must be worn at all times when we are cycling.
What do the cycling tour difficulty grades mean?

Ideal for a first cycling holiday or for infrequent cyclists. Easy gradients and gentle slopes.

A a few more hills and climbs, so generally better suited to more regular cyclists. A little bit of practice beforehand will get you round comfortably.

Cyclists looking for more of a challenge and to cover more ground. Generally speaking covering 40 – 70 miles a day.

Is it possible to hire an e-bike?

Yes! E-bikes are a great way to get around for people who have not ridden a bike for a few years. A small battery gives you a boost to get up the hills and enables even the most rusty cyclists to keep up. All of the companies we work with in France and Belgium supply e-bikes for a small additional fee.

How much luggage can I take?

We would suggest one bag and one piece of hand luggage per person. We suggest that your hand luggage becomes your day bag and should be suitable for either cycling or walking and big enough to contain waterproof/camera/snacks. Luggage will be transferred to the next hotel by local taxi where a change of hotel is included in the itinerary.

What sort of accommodation will I be staying in?

If you wish us to book your accommodation we will endeavour to book the best possible wherever we stay. We use generally use 3 and 4 star hotels wherever we can, subject to availability. Examples of hotels we have used include;

  • Hotel Ariane, Ypres
  • Albion Hotel, Ypres
  • Novotel, Ypres
  • Mercure Gold Beach, Normandy
  • Novotel, Bayeux
  • Best Western, Albert (Somme)
  • Hotel Ibis, Albert

For group visits we are happy to arrange accommodation in hotels requested by the organiser.

What about meals?

If we book your accommodation it will be on a bed and breakfast basis. There will be opportunities to stop for lunch on each of our tours. Timings of lunch stops will be specified in our daily briefing so that walkers and cyclists can plan ahead. In terms of evening meals, hotels are located in towns where there are plenty of local restaurants to cater for all tastes. We are happy to offer advice.

What happens if I don’t feel up to cycling/walking?

The cycle hire companies we work with will carry luggage from one hotel to another but will also act as a taxi if you don’t wish to carry on. Your guide will be in touch with our driver throughout by mobile phone.

What equipment is essential?

For cyclists a cycle helmet is compulsory and must be worn at all times when cycling. You will also need to ensure that you have a high visibility jacket for bad weather.

For walkers a good pair of walking shoes is essential. Please make sure that you have worn these in before we set off.

For both we strongly advise waterproof clothing and your own first aid kit with any medication that you might need whilst we are away.

We will issue full kit lists specific to both cycling and walking prior to departure.

What about travel insurance?

Each client must take out an insurance policy that adequately covers all aspects of the trip, including medical repatriation that can be authorised by the tour guide. You can acquire adequate insurance from a number of providers.

Once you have your travel insurance please provide the policy number and a 24 hour contact number for your insurance to Battlefield Journey directly.

First Travel Insurance

If you are looking for a travel insurance policy, at Battlefield Journey we believe you should be offered a wide selection of travel insurance policies, whether you’re travelling as an individual, a couple or a family. Whilst the choice of travel insurance provider lies with you, we have found that the products offered by First Travel Insurance have met the varying requirements of our customers.

First Travel Insurance offer policies with no upper age limit for single trips, and up to the age of 79 for annual policies. First Travel Insurance provides cover for many sports and activities, including winter sports and scuba diving. All pre-existing medical conditions are considered.

In these unprecedented times First Travel Insurance now includes enhanced Covid-19 Cover so you can book your holiday with confidence. (Gold Cover only)

Find out more about First Travel Insurance.

Should I do any training before my holiday?

We are not in the business of subjecting customers to a gruelling physical ordeal however, some physical activity on a regular basis 2-3 months before we depart would undoubtedly be of benefit.

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